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Let's Get Real!


Not just another weight loss book, but a book about the real truth around losing fat and changing the way you think about fitness and improving your lifestyle to live a happy and healthy life.
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What's inside? 

Do you want to change your life for the better?? Losing fat and getting stronger is way easier than you think or than you see on Instagram and social media. We live in a world where all our choices are based on either fear or lack of self-confidence, do not fall into that trap. 

This book will not only expose all the lies and fads out there but actually educate you to make the right choices yourself without needing validation from anyone. know and understand your body and change the way you see fat loss.

Let Annemie show you how not to fall into the fad traps and instead achieve lasting results and form a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with food. Annemie touches on everything from the food you put in your mouth to and the sweat you lose in the gym but also addressing issues like self-confidence and habits we have in life that leads to self-destruction. In order to change your health and body, you have to change your mind.